Global Messenger

Once you join the Orbita community you can exchange messages all over the world absolutely free. Your service provider may charge data transfer fees.


With Orbita messenger you can publish an ad linked to a map of your location as well as one linked to any other location in the world you may wish to specify.


Share photos, video, or audio clips. Write your message and post it for public view on any spot around the globe, wherever you wish. A dialog encrypted by password will disappear from the dialog list and will be accessible only by entering the password from the dialog window.

Orbita Token

If there is something you want to buy, sell, or trade, the Orbita app can make it fast, reliable, and confidential.

For Banks

Place your branch locations on the map with commission rates. You can also advertise lending organizations or simply pinpoint the locations of your ATM machines.

Catch a Ride

Show where you're headed and the price you're willing to pay. All users who can view your location are able to contact you directly and offer to pick you up.

Lost and Found

If you've found someone's lost property or documents, you can attach a photograph of them to the map with its location. If you get something back, make an effort to thank the person who made the find.


If you're looking to rent out a room, or are the owner of a hotel, put yourself on the map with a photo of your lodgings and price. Users can see your offers from all over the world without any extra commission.


Put your pharmacy on the map listing your products and where they are on sale.


Announce the goods you have for sale. Shoppers can always find your ad based on the specs you provide.


If you're a handyman and have got skills on offer, put yourself on the map with photos of your successful projects and you'll find tomorrow's client ready to give you work today.
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